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Tom Brady Signing Announced

Tom Brady will be signing autographs with Tristar in March and Diamond Legends will be able to take your orders and send ins for the event! This is a very limited opportunity and your chance to add the greatest of all time to your collection! Send in pricing starts at $799, rates below include the item! Call now to reserve your signature! 888-789-4825

Autographed 8×10 Photo $849
Autographed 16×20 Photo $899
Autographed Official Duke Football, SB 51 Football $999
Autographed Replica Navy Jersey $999
Autographed Full Size Replica Patriots or SB 51 Helmet $999
Autographed Full Size Authentic Proline Patriots or SB 51 Helmet $1,199
Autographed Authentic Nike Elite On Field Jersey (Limited supply, price subject to change*) $1,199*

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